android app studio

What is Android App Studio?

Android app studio is an efficient integrated development environment (IDE) designed specifically for Android application creation. It features a Gradle-based build system, Android emulator and code templates. Android Studio makes app development faster, allows for testing on various devices, and optimizes app size before publishing. It supports various programming languages...

isef science fair

International Science and Engineering Fair

The Intel ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) is a pre-college science competition that attracts some of the brightest high school students from around the globe. Winning ISEF projects are a step up from what you might find at your local fair, as they showcase research that is both...

CBD shop

How to Launch a Successful CBD Shop

Getting Started Start by choosing an online platform like Shopify to sell your hemp-derived CBD products. These platforms have built-in SEO and tools to help you navigate the unique marketing landscape. Create a branded website that includes detailed product descriptions and imagery. Then, optimize your site for keywords related to...

social media list

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best For Your Business

Social media is an invaluable tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. But understanding which platforms work best for your company is crucial. If you're creating a new account or updating an existing one, be sure to meet with the Social Media Strategist in the Office of Communications...

a new gadget

New Gadgets to Improve Your Life

If you're a gadget fan, you'll have noticed that the world of tech moves at a dizzying pace. And for good reason - there's something out there to improve almost every aspect of your life. So if you're looking for a new gadget to get your hands on, we've got...

vancouver news global

How to Break English News

Breaking News: There are two ways that a story can be broken. It can be a real newsworthy event, or it can be a metaphorical one Sky News is the first to share a newsworthy story If you want to pitch or communicate a good news story, it pays to...

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